Fisted Up Tabitha – Tabitha Poison and Sereyna Gomez – UltraHD 2160p

There is something about Tabitha that just says "use me", and if you don't see that in her face, you'll see it as soon as she assumes the position. She doesn't just turn around to kneel in doggy style, she practically leaps and presents. Her ass is yours to spank, her pussy yours to inspect (well, Sereyna's, since you're just watching the video :-) But she wants to be used, and you know that she's going to enjoy being used. And you can't fake that wetness, and Sereyna doesn't need to start by gently prying open Tabitha's vagina – she just dives right in, and Tabith smiles... and if you're a small-breast fan like I am, you'll smile too as her firm little nubbins hang down. After a little warmup, Tabitha gets comfy on her back and again assumes the position, legs wide an open, while Sereyna applies some lube and just dives right in! No warmup needed, her fist just pistons into Tabitha's cunt, and continues to smile and moan as her vagina is stretched by Sereyna's clenched fist. The expression on Sereyna's face is like "really?" as she gamely pumps away, twisting her wrist while Tabitha massages her Queen Christina piercing and her clit. Then its gaping time, and although Sereyna seems little unsure, Tabitha is happy to pry her labia apart and let us look at her pink vagina. Jiri gets some beautiful closeups of her cunt-meat and peehole, while Tabitha smiles for the camera. Sereyna gets back to the business of pumping Tabitha's cunt full of fist (wet sound effects included), and then stretches Tabitha's omanko wide open again, pulling hard. The video closes with Tabitha once again in doggy, happily assuming the display position so Sereyna can fist her some more from behind (Jiri gets some great closeups from diverse angles) until finally we get the cervix-deep open-hole fotzenloch gape and can stare all the way to the bottom of Tabitha's cunt.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:02
Video: 3840x2160, AVC (H.264), 27326kbps
Audio: 185kbps

File size: 3.9 GB