Catwomans Coercion – Full HD 1080p

Poison Ivy & the Joker were sworn enemies, but Batman finally caused enough trouble for them that they decided to set aside their differences & team up to capture him. They have him tied up in the Asylum & are trying to decide what to do with him when Catwoman sneaks in. Ivy & Joker watch in disbelief as Catwoman tries to free Batman. She must be on his side now! They sneak up behind Catwoman, there's a struggle, and Catwoman loses. When she awakens, Catwoman is tied up inside a cage. Ivy confronts her about her betrayal: she's supposed to be on the side on the villains. Why would she try to free the bat? Catwoman reluctantly admits that he has a great cock & she can't live without it. Whoa! Catwoman & Batman are lovers? Ivy & Joker decide there's only one thing to do: convince her to come back over to their side. Joker pulls a vibrator out of her skirt & pushes it against Catwoman's pussy. Almost immediately she relents to the pleasure. She must be very horny. Ivy & Joker take turns playing with her pussy, and though it's clear she's enjoying herself, she still won't renounce the bat. Ivy decides it's time to turn up the heat. They untie Catwoman & work on her from a new angle. Joker holds her hands behind her head while Ivy fingers her pussy. Catwoman swears she'll never join their team, but Ivy has very persuasive (and small) hands that know just how to slip into the right places. Finally Catwoman starts to purr, and Ivy can feel her clamp down in an intense orgasm. Ivy asks one more time: Will you renounce the bat & join our team? Catwoman agrees, on one condition: she wants to make Batman her personal fuck toy. Batman protests, "Selena, we had a deal!" But Catwoman has made her decision. She might like the dick, but these lesbians have won her over to their side.

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