Claudia Macc, Julia Parker – JULIA AND CLAUDIA

Cast: Claudia Macc (fister), Julia Parker (fisted)
Genres: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo

Julia Parker is our latest contender here on Fister Twister and we thought the best girl for the challenge would be hot blonde Claudia Macc! These gorgeous babes are already oiled up as they relax on the sofa and Claudia starts to rub Julia's small but perfect tits, working her way down to Julia's pussy with her hands. She rubs her moist pussy lips and lets Julia taste her own juices before she starts to finger her. Claudia bends Julia over and using a red speculum, gapes her pussy apart a little more, continuing to finger her and then Claudia moves onto something a little bigger. She knows if Julia is going to stand a chance with our lesbian fisting challenge, her tight pussy needs to be stretched to the max! She teases Julia with a big dildo, rubbing it against her nipples and letting her have a little suck before fucking her pussy with it! She puts the dildo back in Julia's mouth and face fucks her with it then gets straight to work, fist fucking Julia's pussy! She finds it hard to get her whole hand in at first, but as Julia changes positions, laying on the floor with her pussy in the air, she frantically masturbates as Claudia fists her faster and faster!

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Fisting Marias gaping ass

Genres: large inertions, anal, dildo, toys, couple, fisting, gaping, double fisting, anal bottle, big dildo, brazil
Video language: English

Maria is a mature milf that is into stretching for ages. She mostly produces for Sicflics. Inside her ass were one of the biggest toys on the market including XXXL Boss Hogg dildo Dragon’ and ‘ XXXL dildo. She is not affraid to have glass jars inserted in her ass and also you can see her inserting 2 liter bottles in her asshole. Maria is obsessed with punishing and destroying her ass to bizarre levels and proudly earning her title as the supreme anal whore.
Most of the time she is very passive, and her play partner just stuffs whatever he feels like inside her asshole.
Nothing is too large for her wrecked asshole, and she devours everything, proudly showing us why she is one of the internets most extreme anal Queen!
24cm (Circumference)
Pussy Skills: Nicely stretched. Gaping easily.
35.2 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Totally stretched. Clearly visible stretched out asshole with monster gape.

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Flirty Naughty – Be Mine

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Black Hair, European, Evening wear, High Heels, Long hair, Masturbation, Panties, Shaved Pussy, Small Boobs, Solo, Toys, Valentines Day
Video language: English

Sexy AF in a sleek red dress, Flirty Naughty is your Valentine's delight. She'll take the dress and lingerie off just for you as she runs flower petals, perfume, and her own hot hands over her tender breasts and nipples. By the time she shoves a dildo into her tight cunt she's nice and wet.

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Lara Onix & Proxy Paige

Release Year: 2017
Genres: All Sex, Femdom and Strapon,Fisting and Dildo
Video language: English

Blonde bombshell Lara Onix and thick Proxy Paige take turns filling themselves and each other with anal gaping brutal dildos!

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Genres: Anal Masturbation, Big Toys, Fantasy Dildo, Gape, Huge Dildo
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This dildo is Sea from MrhankeysToys and here i take it entire balls deep. Filmed as a Fujifilm Cinema Screen Look HD A new way antipiracy to protect this project and to protect those who pay for the videos first you buy the video then you send me a message or you expect to receive the message from me within 24 hours of purchase, after that you can download the video. I hope you enjoy it, this video has a discount and is from Argendana premium.

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Queen Nikoletta aka Nikoletta Joy (Ketsweet)

Studio: SicFlics
Cast: Queen Nikoletta aka Nikoletta Joy (Ketsweet)
Genres: Gigantic Anal Toys, Anal Fisting, Big Natural Tits, Prolapse, Rosebud
Video language: English

Our beautiful Russian ‘Queen Nikoletta’ stars in this thrilling update, destroying her greedy asshole with three gargantuan dildos from “Hankeys Toys”! These are amongst the very biggest dildos they make, and only the most depraved monster cock craving whores would even dream of fucking them. The XXXL ’’, “Mateo” and “Boss Hogg” dildos are all gigantic in size, with a minimum 4’ thick shafts and in various lengths. Nikoletta is on heat, and she wants to devour every one of them in her ass, completely destroying it entirely as she engulfs them one after the other. See her begin with the , slamming up and down its thick ridged shaft so deep we couldn’t believe our fucking eyes! She sinks over 10’ of its 17’ shaft into her bowels, making her belly bulge from the inside till she reaches her first, mind blowing orgasm. Her first toy is conquered, now its time for the ‘Mateo’, with it’s bulbous 4’ thick head, it’s not easy to get it in, but Nikoletta takes it like the professional anal whore she is, grinding up and down, as the intense stretching sensations send more powerful euphoric shockwaves throughout her body. Her final challenge is the XXXL ’Boss Hogg’, the biggest and widest of them all, how deep did she get it in? deep! Sniffing on some poppers to relax her ass even more, whilst frantically masturbating her clit with over half the Boss Hogg buried inside her! , what an orgasm! And the damage these beasts caused to her asshole is simply mind blowing, as she pulls it open with both hands and pushes hard to make it prolapse to obscene levels!

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Licky Lex & Leony Aprill

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Licky Lex & Leony Aprill
Genres: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo
Video language: English

Gorgeous babes Licky Lex and Leony April are both wearing skintight dresses in today's Fister Twister update. This horny pair start to kiss almost instantly and can't wait to get aquainted with each other. Licky gets bent over and her brunette friend, Leony starts to finger her pussy and stretch her hole apart with a finger and her thumb. She then gets Licky to taste her own pussy juices before using a black kitchen tongs to stretch her pussy wide apart while Licky is in the doggystyle position. Using a big red dildo, Leony continues to work her way up through bigger toys to get Licky's pussy stretched even further. Licky lays back and loves feeling her dildo slide inside her. She even sucks it to practice her blowjob skills before it is inserted back into her eager hole! One Leony thinks that Licky's pussy is sufficiently stretched, she moves onto lesbian fisting fun which is what she has been waiting for all this time. Her whole hand slides straight into Licky's pussy and she continues to alternate between fisting and stretching Licky's pussy apart! Once she has finished, she lets Licky taste even more of her soaking wet pussy juices before the girls kiss to end a perfect scene!

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Duration: 30:48
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Lucy Lii and Vinna Reed

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Lucy Lii and Vinna Reed
Genres: Fisting, Lesbian, Dildo
Video language: English

Big boobed babe Lucy Li makes her first appearance on Fister Twister this week and she thinks she has what it takes to take on the stunning blonde Vinna Reed. Lucy starts off this scene by playing with her big tits and Vinna soon joins her ready for her lesbian fisting debut. Firstly Lucy needs her pussy warming up, so Vinna splashes it with oil before rubbing Lucy's puffy pussy with her fingers. It doesn't take long for Vinna to work her way to Lucy's boobs as they look extremely inviting. Vinna starts to finger Lucy's pussy and fits as many fingers into her eager hole as possible. These gorgeous girls decide to use a speculum to stretch Lucy's pussy even more and while Lucy holds apart her hole, Vinna fingers her more rapidly, then lets Lucy taste her own pussy juices. Lucy bends over into the doggystyle position and masturbates while Vinna fills her up with a monster sized black dildo. Now that Lucy's pussy is stretched apart enough, Vinna thinks she is ready to be fist fucked. She slides her whole hand into Lucy's wet and juicy pussy and Lucy continues to masturbate while being fisted frantically. Lucy enjoys the sensation of being fist fucked and goes back into the doggystyle position for more lesbian fisting action. With this fisting getting deeper, it doesn't take long for Lucy to orgasm hard using her hands to rub her clit while her pussy is filled with Vinna's whole hand!

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Home Run – FullHD 1080p

Cast: Alexis Crystal, Antonia Sainz
Genres: Fisting, Dildo
Video language: English

Happy New Year! Alexis Crystal gets the Fister Twister treatment for our first scene of 2018 and today she is fisted by the gorgeous brunette babe, Antonia Sainz. Antonia loves to be a bit dominant so jumped at the chance to film another scene with us. This gorgeous lesbian pair start to kiss while naked and Antonia rubs her big boobs up against Alexis' smaller counterparts! They oil each other up and then Alexis bends over while Antonia rubs her puffy pussy lips with her hands. She inserts a finger into her pussy and starts to finger fuck Alexis, then works her way up to using two fingers. Placing her hands into Alexis' mouth, she gets to taste her own pussy juice and Antonia turns her over to continue her lesbian play. Antonia uses a red speculum to help gape Alexis' pussy even more, knowing that it's going to need a bit of gentle persuasion before her whole fist is going to fit up there. She moves onto a baseball bat which is a genius idea for a sex toy to stretch Alexis' pussy even more! This certainly helps Antonia to fist fuck Alexis and she stands, riding Antonia's whole hand first before laying down to get more comfortable. Using a small personal vibrator, Alexis orgasms and enjoys her first time fisting with her new brunette girlfriend!

Format: mp4
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